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2014 Membership Drive Underway

The South Clinton Merchants Association has plans for 2014 and beyond, but we need the help and support of the local businesses to make it happen.

We work with our members to promote a strong business environment that, in turn, supports a healthy and vibrant neighborhood. We work together with local neighborhood associations, the Street Manager Program, and the City of Rochester to identify improvement opportunities and obtain needed resources.

Annual membership to the South Clinton Merchants Association is $100.00. In 2014, your support will allow us to:

  • Update the SCMA website to provide all members with an online presence while unifying the avenue as a shopping, dining and entertainment destination
  • Develop a district brochure to promote the area
  • Connect with city and county government leaders regarding economic development, law enforcement, zoning and ongoing legislative efforts.
  • Organize networking opportunities for business owners and landlords
  • Purchase and plant avenue planters to enhance the entrances of our businesses.

For more information and an application, check our membership page.

SCMA Events

No events scheduled at this time.

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